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My new song, Only on youtube!

2008-06-11 19:16:48 by Pyroific

Tha Tr!pZter - One Love (My Remix!)

Leave A Comment on youtube if you've got an account!!


Enjoy all


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2008-06-19 03:05:44

dewd u should like make more music like the nokia party... i dunno its ur choice but... uhm.... somethings really bad is(n't) going to happen to u if u dont ok? :P

heh btw nice tune on youtube :D


2008-06-19 03:07:14

oh yeah btw is there anyway u can submit that tune here on ng?

Pyroific responds:



2008-07-13 22:35:24

You asked me to review your song It's Cheese a while ago, do you still want me to review it, or would you rather I review your latest? :)