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Writers Strike

2008-02-21 17:30:30 by Pyroific

W00t! The Writers Strike is over!

Writers Strike


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2008-04-08 20:46:07

holy?! are u REALLY 14 ??!! cuz I'm only 13 yrs old, AND HELL, ALL I KNOW is the basics of music and FLASH + toonboom animation

i'm so amazed, by logic, u started this at 12...?!


2008-04-25 20:06:19

Thank God. Won't anyone think of the Children!!!!??!?!!


2008-05-22 07:34:05

Abraham eh? speak hebrew or die!


2008-07-24 01:58:53

im 12 and im starting working on CS3 now lol >.> not that hard (well the first stuffs) but yeah i love your music cody