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So don't think i forgot :)

Check out my new video on youtube

2008-08-08 17:28:31 by Pyroific

Watch it Here

Also, i'm only posting this because i'm sick of my current post both on NG and Youtube ;P

Also, Holy Sh*t NEXUS 2 OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-07-17 17:08:44 by Pyroific

Hey Guys, I just got my Brand spankin' new headphones in the mail not even 20 minutes ago! They're awesome! i've never had a good pair of headphones until i got serious and bought a pair, and it was worth it ;)

anyway, this was just an update! heres a picture as well!



2008-07-14 23:25:23 by Pyroific

I hate how i get 200+ listens on my song's but NO REVIEWS. WTF IS UP WITH THAT?!!!?

My new song, Only on youtube!

2008-06-11 19:16:48 by Pyroific

Tha Tr!pZter - One Love (My Remix!)

Leave A Comment on youtube if you've got an account!!


Enjoy all

New Song!

2008-06-07 22:05:44 by Pyroific

Listen To the song here: Envy Style Song

And For an extra bonus heres a screenshot :D

Review If you listen Please!!

New Song!

Happy Birthday To me!

2008-05-23 23:20:07 by Pyroific

It was my birthday Today!

I got about $100, A M-AUDIO Keyboard, And lots of love from friends and family.

I Turned 15 Today lol

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Happy Birthday To me!

Writers Strike

2008-02-21 17:30:30 by Pyroific

W00t! The Writers Strike is over!

Writers Strike

Ode To 08!

2008-01-07 15:31:00 by Pyroific

Happy New Year Everybody!

Ode To 08!


2007-12-31 17:13:40 by Pyroific

Thanks To My friends i have all my samples back! But still no Vst's :( Oh well. I Gots my kicks! lol